This Week’s Writing & 3D


Still rattling around in Lothering in the Bannon & Zevran story. Almost up to getting Sten, then maybe they can get out of there. Oh, hey, and then we can start the next chapter, Wolf in the Fold. Zevran fans… wake up! Well… in a couple of weeks, anyway.

I also have little to no clue what’s going on in Redcliffe. But, once past that… things should pick up. I hope. I did get myself into a race, after all. Vs Klidi/Ventisquear, to see which of us gets Zevran hooked up with the Warden first. Klidi has a head start in Failed to Fail, but that’s okay, because Airam and Zevran don’t cross that bridge until sometime after/during Awakening. Anyway, it’s just a shameless ruse to get Klidi to hurry up on the Failed to Fail chapters.

And no little motivation to myself. Being as now the RAZT crew wants to torture the loser of the race… !!!


In the arena of smacking Zevran’s head into shape for Poser…. modo FUBAR’d it again. I have had it up to here with that program. The model in modo does NOT look how it looks in Poser as a morph. And if it doesn’t have the nose ridge and the lip crinkles, how the dip can I smooth them out!?

This morning, I transferred the base obj to my work computer to work on it in Lightwave. Ah, what a relief THAT was. A program that does symmetry right. :X I got the lower lip done, but I forgot to use the Poser morph to thin the upper lip so I can work with it more easily. The upper lip is a total pain in the butt to work with. It’s slanted AND curved in both directions. GAH!


For those looking for some light reading, I did post a new Cutting Room Floor segment on the forum. Entitled “Horsing Around,” it’s an alternate universe look at the second day Zevran is taken into the fold. It includes horses, city elves on a horse, and some Zevranisms. Enjoy!


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