Bannon’s Tribal Tattoos

(Warnings: contains nudity)

After putting tribal tattoos on Zevran, he decided Bannon needed some. No, I haven’t finished doing Zevran’s head morph in Poser, and I’m not even that happy with Bannon’s face, but in this particular composition, it doesn’t make much difference.


This is my first foray into imagery in Poser (after my long burnout and depression), and my first IBL/Ambient Occlusion lighting setup. I really like the way the ambient occlusion worked with the hands; they are more solidly touching than they were with the regular Poser lighting. I love how the Mon Chevalier and Cuffed Tail 2 hair don’t need any post-processing. I also love how I lucked out with getting the Cuffed Tail 2 texture modded to match the Chevalier colour on the FIRST try! (You may now make ZOMG faces.)

The only thing I’m unhappy with are the actual tattoos. I spent so much time on them… and I hate them. The waist design really just needs to be thicker (which I couldn’t figure out how to do without messing up the spacing… and without totally redoing all the points). The vertical design just looks like some kid drew it, instead of a tribal tattoo artists. Meh.


3 Responses to “Bannon’s Tribal Tattoos”

  1. thevicwu Says:

    Woo! Butt!

  2. bloodsong Says:

    yes but… what about the tattoos?? ;P

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