Look Like Anybody We Know?


Tuesday (approx. 7 am)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!! I am going to rip Zevran’s head off, I’m going to pick a Bishonen Evil Face #6 or something, I’m gonna slap a tattoo on his face, and I’m gonna call it him and be done with it!


I swear…. Every time I work on a minute detail of Zevran’s head morph, every time I get his nostrils right, or his lips pointing the right way, his head just gets uglier and uglier! Beyond time to trash it all and start over!


(five hours later)

Okay… I have dialed back on both Bannon’s and Zevran’s faces. Tweaked some more dials. Fixed their textures, and tints. Oh, and should I mention that I managed to save Zevran without any genitalia? Hence all the screaming in the background. I got THOSE back on. (Calm your little selves, honestly.)

And I am DONE. Yet again. Hopefully for good this time.

Bannon’s head no longer looks like it got stuck in a trash compactor. And I think he stopped looking girly. As girly. Admit it, Bannon, you have girly eyes. However… I also managed to paralyze his whole face, so I don’t have a picture of him, since he can’t smile. Or blink. I’m working on it, okay!??!

And Zevran looks like this. Hopefully a reasonable facsimile.

Zevran, version 4

His hair is totally not done. In fact, not even started. Well, though this is a reasonable base.

It doesn’t look exactly like him. If I try to make it more exact, he just gets ugly. So… he’s a better-looking Zevran impersonator? I dunno. What do you think?


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