Not Looking Good for This Week’s Post


I’m on page 14 of ‘Lothering Day,’ and not done yet. Almost! I got 2/3 of it typed in. I could probably finish the writing off and type it all in tomorrow, do a once-over for typos and get it out. But I’m not comfortable doing that.

I’m not happy with Sten. I thought I’d update him to a DA2 kossith/qunari. Or something. And I have a mod to update DA kossith/qunari to something more qunari-ish, but I haven’t taken a look at Sten in it yet. So frankly, I don’t know how to describe him. I also went and made up (partly based on some DA2 concept sketches) some qunari armor. It doesn’t make sense to me that he would fit in, say, ‘Dwarven plate.’ :X What will happen if I ever want to do a Toolset illustration with Sten in it? I’ll be doomed, that’s what.


In the art department, you can look forward to a slew of elf snogging images. (You may alternately ‘yay’ or gag.) I got a bunch of ‘Romance’ couples poses from Renderosity, and tried them out on the boyz. I kept a few that looked quite alluring.

I have one rendered, and with sub-surface scattering (you should try to look impressed), but the hair is screwy on it. So it is going to need a lot of post-production. Which I’m not sure will work so well… so who knows.

I have made Zevran’s hairdo. I modified the Pullback hair I had, I added some chunks of the hair I exported to GMax, plus two poseable braids. Texture needs a little work, but it looks tons better already.

Plus I’m supposed to make a toolset piccie for someone… someday. I haven’t fogotten about it! …Don’t hold your breath, though :X


One Response to “Not Looking Good for This Week’s Post”

  1. bloodsong Says:

    Okay, I finished typing it in, and I don’t see it improving any by sitting around, so. I know the Lothering bits aren’t as good as the rest of the story, and I can’t promise much of an improvement with the Redcliffe bits. Since I have little to no idea what’s going to go on, there.
    But Zevran will make an appearance soon, and everything will be 100 times better!

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