Lust Kiss


Bannon & Zevran done in Poser & Photoshop. I got a bunch of free romantic/kissy poses from Renderosity by Structure. This set was called “Last Kiss.” But since it *isn’t* their last kiss… I changed it to “Lust Kiss.” I blame Zevran.


Bannon & Zevran
"Lust Kiss"
© 2012 Bloodsong
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You may set it as your wallpaper if you like.


This is the first rendering I’ve done in Poser Pro 2012 with SubSurface Scattering. I don’t know as I was real impressed. It could be my skin textures don’t have enough texture to pop with the SSS. My second image done with IBL/AO, and I’ll tell you, trying to figure out how the render is going to look vs the preview is nuts.

I made Zevran’s hair by combining some poseable braids with an old freebie and chunks from the in-game hair model. Some of the texture I swiped from the Mon Chevalier hair (which Bannon wears). His hair still needs a tonne of work, so… I painted entirely new hair on top of it.

On a new layer, I used my X-shaped ‘hair’ brush to paint in mid-tone strands. Then the typical, medium dark tones, dark tones, then highlights. After all that, I smeared it over with the smudge tool, using all the layers (ie: the rendering of the hair I covered up). Wow, I think it turned out grand. The braid is not painted over, just the rest of it.

I tried the same treatment for Bannon’s hair, but it didn’t look so great. So I left his as rendered. I did need to fix parts where the ends of the hair got shoved into his body. REMEMBER: turn on the brush dynamics to get the fade-in/fade-out strands. Instead of brushing it out with the smudge tool, I picked up colour from the ‘solid’ hair and used the clone tool to paint the strands on. Then smudged the tips judiciously.

Other minor fixes I had to do were fixing Bannon’s eyes where the inside of the eyelids were over them? Adding his lashes and thickening up his eyebrow. Zevran’s too. Oh, smearing the inside of the lip where the inner mouth material meets the lips. And yes, I used Daio’s Secret Mr Contrast technique on it. And I never did figure out how to get strong shadows when and where I wanted them in the IBL/AO lighting. :X


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