It’s been quiet on the non-publishing week here on the blog, but I am working on stuff! I have two upcoming for B&Z written out. This week we’ll see “The Lion’s Den,” featuring a little peek at what Loghain is up to. After that, some relaxing downtime with “On the Road,” which will help set up Bannon’s relationships with his companions.

And yes, you whiners! THEN we can get to the next chapter, “A Wolf in the Fold,” and Zevran will finally appear!

The bad news is… I’m kinda drawing a blank on Redcliffe. I have some interesting ideas to try out, but I’m not sure how to tie them all in. I might take a short break to let things get sorted out. While I do that, I can work on the dreaded Saw crosscrossover, and the Torchwood crossover. Although my brain needs to get its act together on filling the plot holes it’s creating….


I have finished (again, heh) Zevran’s head in Poser. I’ve managed to fix the ugly seam that was going up his nose and chin. And the ugly crease under his lips. I may have changed his nose a bit too much… :X The only question in my mind is, will Tryyn shoot me or give her stamp of approval? :X

With Zevran’s face, version 7, I’ve got another Poser image ready to render. Except I can’t get the Ambient Occlusion where I want it. Or, even the shadows and highlights. ::sigh::

I’ve also smoothed out the DAO rogue armor model and fit it to the M3 version of the boyz. I’m having a bit of trouble editing the joints of it in PP12. I’m not getting the results I want. Oh, but the Medieval Sets were all on sale at DAZ recently, so I have plenty of places to put them. When they’re not in vague indoor places, snogging, that is. :X


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