B&Z Upcoming Outline


Trying to organize things in my head, this is an outline of the next parts of the Bannon & Zevran saga that are coming up. (Or are up.)
Lothering (published)
In the Lion’s Den (published)
On the Road (written, typed in, not proofread/edited)
==Chapter 3: A Wolf in the Fold==
The Assassin (done)
Nightmares (not sure what is going on with this. i wanted this to evolve in the story, not become a summary chapter.)
Redcliffe 1 — arrival, Teagan, Murdoch
The Assassin on the Road (mostly done)
Redcliffe 2 — mini-missions, take a nap (partly written)
Redcliffe 3 — night attack
Redcliffe 4 — Teagan and the Castle
Redcliffe 5 — Connor
Redcliffe 6 — Aftermath
The Ambush

Now, if we’re lucky, some of those Redcliffe bits will be combined into one ‘part.’ And no, those aren’t the final titles. I’ll think of something. Hopefully. Yes, it says ‘take a nap.’ Yes, terribly important part of the tale. All the action-adventure of taking a nap!

Looking at the calendar, and projecting an every-other-week publishing schedule, plus combining RC2-6 into only 2 parts… that means The Ambush will occur on July 13th. An auspicious day for an ambush, to be sure, but cripes, that’s far away.

If I publish On the Road this week, and don’t skip a week when I get to parts that are already written, The Ambush can happen on June 8th or 15th or so. The big question is… can I get a write-ahead buffer built up during the weeks I already have something ready to go? If I can, I can continue a weekly publishing schedule indefinitely. And The Ambush can happen May 18th.

Let the betting pool commence! When will The Ambush happen?


::hears crickets::

Right, okay. But at least it’s sorted out in my head. The roadmap, anyway, if not the timetable.


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