Work This Week and Upcoming


This week will be another Zevran post, though relatively short. Next week looks to be a rather long haul, with the gang messing around in Redcliffe. I’m a little excited now, to be doing the Redcliffe battle. I thought it was going to be boring, but the ol’ brain has come up with some epic Lord-Of-The-Ringness scenes for it. It should be pretty cool. Of course, none of them are written yet… :X They’re cooking in the back brain.

And for all you annoying Zevran fans (you know who you are :X ), you will be ecstatic to know that Zevran will make a couple more cameo appearances before The Ambush. Okay, maybe not ecstatic, but happy, at least! I hope!

Despite a lot of stress and problems I’ve been having this month, and a rather severe bout of depression that has killed off my artistic creativity, writing has continued apace. Therefore, I’m still confident with the mid-May target for The Ambush.


This belongs here, because I can’t make a post template.

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