Working on Stuff


The post I’m supposed to publish tomorrow is HUGE. But… it’s mostly done. And mostly proofread. There’s just this one scene in it that I’ve been trying to do for a week and a half, but it won’t go. I’ve got it halfway done, I suppose. It’s not really clicking very well. ::sigh::

The post for next week is mostly done. Um, halfway done? I want to change the beginning around a bit. And I have to add some more info.

Meanwhile, my brain has been busy/distracted with doing more scenes and plotting for the B&Z/Torchwood crossover. And another Torchwood story that… actually has nothing to do with B&Z. Interesting.


In the art arena, I posted “Best Buds” (and “Best Buds II”) over at deviant Art. (They’re supposed to be viewed in sequence to get the proper impact.) I’m STILL not happy with Poser Bannon & Zevran. The other day, I threw my Michael 3’s into a scene, started with two Bishonen heads, and worked on them without using ANY references whatsoever.

When I was done, I thought I had some good looking elves. Not an exact Zevran replica, but, you know, a reasonable interpretation of him. And I thought Bannon looked even better. … Until I put the Bishonen versions into the Best Buds scene. And they managed to look HIDEOUS. More hideous!

::sigh:: So I don’t know. Bishonen Zevran’s face worked a lot better with the expression morphs than Zevran 7’s. I suppose I will have to go ahead and try other images I want to do, try each set in them. Battle of the elf faces.


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