FAIL 5/11


Okay, it’s true! I didn’t finish this week’s scheduled part. BUT! I Have Excuses!

First off, I’d like to blame MY BRAIN, for obsessing over the Torchwood crossover. Bad Brain!

Secondly, I’d like to blame KLIDI/VENTI for running off with Bannon and his motorcycle. And also causing Zevran to go sulk. Do you know how disturbingly quiet it is in my brain without those two around??

Thirdly, I lay heavy blame on OHINYAN for writing some heavy Jack Harkness angst and torment. Yes, thank YOU for re-obsessing my brain with Torchwood. Thank you so much. (Insert sarcasm, there.)

Oh, and finally, I was sick this week.


So gimme a break, eh? It’s not my fault!


One Response to “FAIL 5/11”

  1. bloodsong Says:

    okay, not a full FAIL… just a day late. hopefully next segment will be done on time. are we past mid-may yet? it’s not time for the ambush just yet…!

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