Writing Schedule Update: May 2012


Okay, last week’s B&Z post was a day late and I cut it off at a good cutting off point, but… I was going to have more in it. This week’s post isn’t even started, I’m trying to get my brain to figure out what Bannon is doing. My brain is not listening to me. It just runs off on its own, tra-la-la, like a disobediant dog. Or… perhaps like a typical cat. ::sigh::

So. I have officially decided to go back to a 2-week publishing interlude. I would rather let the scenes cook up a bit more in my brain, get typed, and get proofed/edited more slowly, than to rush out shoddy product every week. Next B&Z post is due May 25. The Ambush all the Zevran fans are waiting for will occur… sometime in June. I think.


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