Work This Week


Everything else is sucking, but writing is going apace. The long-awaited Ambush section of the story is coming out next Friday. I hadn’t actually written anything for it beforehand. All the writing I’ve done on B&Z has been after that (sometimes waaaaaaaaaaaaaay after). But it is shaping up quite nicely!

I did sort of shoe-horn everyone out of Redcliffe, after the end of last chapter. But honestly, nothing interesting went on at all. And yes, I skipped the battle between Morrigan and the demon. ::gasp!:: Well, we’ll just have to take her word for it that everything went well. ::cough::

I’ve also had some time to work on some Torchwood stuff, including the TW/DA crossover. Yeah, Episode One might… maybe come out this summer? I dunno. I do think I’ve finally figured the outline out. :X You can’t imagine how nuts that’s been driving me. Goofing around with a scene here and there with extra characters is nothing. Making the goofy scenes string together logically is something else altogether.


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