Writing Work


Writing continues apace. This week’s post is ready to go. The next post is at least 1/2 written. Um, possibly all written; I might need to divide the sections up further. A lot of bits of business need to go on between Redcliffe and the Circle Tower, with Zevran settling in. I may switch to publishing every Friday, with shorter segments. For a while, at least.

I was reading a book review, and it was pointed out that one should never include scenes that do not advance the plot. Well, I can see the wisdom in that. But that is one reason I like fan fiction. The ‘pros’ may have to rush everything, keep the action going, cut dialogue and scenes so they fit in the time frame (for TV shows)… but not us. You know, just sometimes, it would be nice to just hang out and chill with the characters, doing ordinary, everyday stuff. Well, at least I think so. Um, but then again, I suppose I’m thinking that most often when I’m bored and doing ordinary, everyday things.

However, these little bits of business all contribute to the story in some way. I’m trying to rein in Bannon and Zevran’s tendancy to argue and wisecrack for hours on end. ::ahem!::


In other news, I’ve written a very short Torchwood clip. Which means I now have two Torchwood stories that are, in fact, not Torchwood/Dragon Age crossovers. Which is completely unexpected. Once I’m done editing/polishing them, they will go up on Fanfiction.net. There isn’t really any place for them here, or on Bannon & Zevran’s forum.

As for the Torchwood/Dragon Age crossover, I’ve written two of the 4-5 parts of episode one. The writing for part 2 went slowly and awkwardly, so I’m concerned it isn’t very well-written. A friend of mine commented that I’m supposed to edit it. Normally, I don’t have to do that, as I do all of my editing in my brain. My brain churns it around, then spits it out in more or less complete form. While writing longhand, I make some adjustments. Then when typing it in, I make some more. On reading it over, I fix typos and awkward passages. That’s pretty much it for me and editing.

When the Torchwood/Dragon Age crossover is ready, that will go up in the Cutting Room Floor section of the forum, and on Fanfiction.net. Although my FFnet poll is currently deadlocked between publishing the crossover now, or waiting for an indeterminate amount of time, due to it containing spoilers of the main Bannon & Zevran story. Considering the crossover takes place between Excursions and Witch Hunt, which is five years in the future from the Blight, and lord knows how many years it will take me to actually write it all…! — Considering all that, I’m not going to wait the whole time. :X

Perhaps I will wait until I have some decent cover art. Considering how unhappy I am with Poser Zevran and Poser Captain Jack… that could take longer than the actual writing. :X


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