Work This Week


Two weeks ago, I strained my elbow typing a lot on Sunday afternoon. It still hurts like heck. Last week I reined my brain in, as it was running too hot on a bunch of different stories and heading to burn itself out. This week, it’s still on vacation, I’m afraid.

Meaning, yes, I do not have a B&Z post for this week. BUT, the post I posted last week was technically a week early, so I’m not falling behind. Exactly. Next week, the next part should be out, which is two weeks from the last post, which is also technically on time.

In other news, I have two Torchwood works I’ll be posting on this week and next. These are straight Torchwood (or Torchwood/Dr Who), not the Dragon Age: Torchwood.

Speaking of the Dragon Age: Torchwood, first, there’s a poll on my FFnet page about when to post that work there. It’s currently tied at Post It Now! and Don’t Post It Yet! This is not helpful. If you have an opinion, and a second, please put in a vote.

Secondly, I’ve started putting together the wardrobe and props for the Dragon Age: Torchwood promo poster. I’ve got Bannon finished, except I hate his coat. It’s made from the original Victoria Trenchcoat, converted with Wardrobe Wizard. I have a better coat for M3 (or was it M4?) from SickleYield over on Renderosity that I want to try.

Here’s just a quick render, of Bannon doing his Neo impression:

Bannon Does his Neo Impression


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