Writing Work


This week’s post is done being written out. But it isn’t being typed in. Instead, I got out my good ol’ Rite Pen handwriting recognition software, and I’m… writing it in. My left elbow is still very sore and swollen from the typing session 3 Sundays ago. That’s right, three weeks and it still hurts! Remind me to take breaks!

Writing the work into the computer takes a lot longer than typing. And the correcting…! Oy vey. I think my handwriting has gotten better, though…!

For your amusement, some of the “Handwriting Recognition’s Greatest Misses” for this session:

(and swayed.)

Oj attired his M, war himself.
(gathered his legs under himself.)

why conldrityonheagovdbigj’
(why couldn’t you be a good boy?)

In semi-related news, I was writing in a short Torchwood bit, and it kept insisting on calling Ianto “farto.” Honestly, what kind of name is that? ::sigh::


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