Work This Week


The writing is not going. I have figured out the scenes that have to happen before they get to Lake Town/Circle Tower. The first thing is, they have to get attacked by darkspawn. But the scene just isn’t coming through from my brain. Perhaps the chapter will just start in the middle of them being attacked :X


In visual news, I created Zevran’s head version 8, 8.5, and now 9. And… omg, I think I’m happy with it. I think it looks nice, and it also manages to look much like him. I’ve tried replacing this new version into some of the scenes I did where he looks horrid (Best Buds, for example ::shudder::), but that hasn’t seemed to really help much. :/

And the clothes that would not convert to M3… I finally got converted. But for some reason the t-shirt didn’t keep its morphs. So DA:Torchwood-Zevran currently has boots, jeans, jacket, sunglasses, gun, and no shirt. I haven’t heard him complain.

This is a quick render of Zevran v9, no post work. I was adjusting the glasses in the face cam view, and he just begged me to put that smirk on his face. And I still have no idea why the eyebrows and eyelashes won’t bloody well render right.


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