Work This Week


I had this week’s post written by the end of the weekend… but I still can’t type it in. Working with the very slow handwriting input again. It’s Wednesday, and I’m not halfway through it :/

Oh, but look! On Tuesday, I made a piccie! “Bannon & Zevran: Their 2nd Favorite Thing to do in Bed Together.” Nausea warning!

The handwriting recognition’s greatest misses for today:


But the Wardens fought like denim
(But the Wardens fought like demons)

Sr tue were of woman
(for the wave of warm air)

Ferrari (or) Tehran
(what it keeps trying to name Zevran)


2 Responses to “Work This Week”

  1. bloodsong Says:

    (to look up sharply.)

    omg, the thing just called Zevran “Farrah.” ::sigh::

    (how are we going to)

  2. bloodsong Says:

    omg… it just translated “Leliana and Morrigan” into “Leliana and horny…”!!!

    no, but seriously, this is a good piece of software!

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