Work This Week


I’ve laid out the plot for next week’s post, and it is looking VERY good! Writing is flowing apace. It’s going to be long, though, I think. After taking the Mary Sue Litmus test, I’ve become concerned about Bannon being too perfect. So. This chapter, he won’t be. (::Bannon groans in the background::)

My elbow stopped hurting for a little while Monday. It’s about time. Only I don’t know if that’s because I doubled my Omega-3 dosage, because I drank 8 oz of grape juice every day, or just because I have been avoidng typing.


In other news, I’ve discovered an online Random Sentence Generator at BigParadox. Not JUST a random sentence generator, but one that you, the user, can use to create your own generator. Yes, right online. The only drawback is, you can’t get Java code for your own generator, just an asp link to the site. If they take down your generator, or (like me) you leave it unpassword-protected and people mess it up… then it’s not too useful.

But anyway, I’ve been curious to find a Torchwood Plot Generator, since my Dragon Age: Torchwood plots are all… well, derivative. Couldn’t find any, but I made one. If you go to the Sentence Generator page there, scroll down the side list to the “Torchwood” one and give it a whirl. If you have anything constructive/useful to add into it, please feel free.

The simplified version: Bloodsong’s Torchwood Random Plot Generator.

Mostly, it’s just been making me laugh :X But a few plot ideas have potential. Here’s a sample…

A reptilian doctor crashes into the Parliament and hides doppleganger Gwen.

A giant fish unbalances Wales to mate with alternate-universe demons.
This Could Happen!

An alien food substance infiltrates a stadium while hunted by unreasonable clothing.
This Could Happen! Um, maybe not the clothing part… it was good up til there

A reptilian doctor causes a tidal wave in the moon while pursued by doppleganger madmen.

A disguised scientist possesses people in Great Britain with help from unreasonable Weeping Angels.
This Could Happen!

A deadly cyborg stops traffic in a school while hunted by doppleganger Gwen.
This Could Happen! Sorta?

A shape-shifting time-traveller lands in a school and is chased by future soldiers.
This could so Totally Happen!

A slimy celebrity unbalances the Hub while hiding from alternate-history fish.
This Could… mm, no.

A radioactive machine attacks the pastoral english countryside and is chased by UNIT weapons.

A mind-reading criminal causes an infestation of the polar ice caps while fighting against local televisions.
This… wait, this sounds like the X-files.

A discombobulated fugitive stops time in planet Earth and vaporizes UNIT energy.

A slimy lifeform accellerates time in Cardiff while hiding from mind-sucking fae.

A reptilian fugitive infiltrates the English Channel and is killed by unreasonable royalty.
The Plot of ‘The Little Mermaid 3.’

A gaseous piece of junk possesses animals in the Tourist Shop while searching for doppleganger diplomats.

A tentacled robot unbalances Torchwood and hides unreasonable clothing.
It’s been going through the stuff Jack buys for Ianto.

A disguised time-traveller tries to take over the North Atlantic and declares war on monster werewolves.

A dangerous creature transforms people in Wales while fighting against alternate-history revolutionaries.

A dangerous lizard causes odd weather patterns in Europe while searching for ancient demons.
This Could Happen!

An alien creature causes anomalies in a car park while pursued by local vampires.
This Could Happen! It could be a Torchwood/Being Human crossover!

A gaseous robot crashes a spaceship into the Rift while draining energy from alternate-universe Gwen.
This Could Happen, too!

A reptilian machine possesses people in a hospital while hunted by doppleganger Weeping Angels.

A disguised celebrity possesses animals in Cardiff while searching for mindless statues.

A mind-reading weapon pleads for help in the English Channel while draining energy from future Toshiko.

An alien fugitive infiltrates Cardiff and vaporizes ancient statues.
This Could Happen!

An insectoid hitchhiker infiltrates a hospital while searching for time-travelling parasites.
This Could Happen! He/It probably has time fleas!

A radioactive drug tries to take over Wales while searching for doppleganger thieves.
Okay, maybe not.

A reptilian weapon blows up the North Atlantic while fighting against mind-sucking statues.

A dangerous scientist crashes into the Rift while pursued by alternate-universe Jack.
So Totally Could Happen

A misplaced fish digs a tunnel under the Hub while draining energy from future statues.
What’s with the obsession for statues in this batch?

A harmless creature pleads for help in the English Channel and is chased by alien corporations.
Not only Could This Happen, but it has a Message, too!


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