Work This Week


Despite causing a delay of another day (or probably two) for our heroes getting to the Circle Tower, I’m really happy with how this next section is coming out. It should be good, entertaining fun that will more than make up for the delay.

Half of this part is input. I’m still writing the big, dramatic part. I know I always say doom and gloom right about now, but I have a feeling it might not be done on time. I haven’t been able to work on it properly today.


In the art arena, I’ve been working on Zevran’s tattoos. Tattoos take forever! I threw the back together rather hastily, I’m afraid. I might have to change it. I think I will definitely change the arm side/back/under.

After that, I have to work out how to blend the tattoos with the skin. Right now, I’m thinking of experimenting with blending the tattoos and skin in the Poser nodes. I have some vague ideas on how to do that (and some hints/tutorials), but will need to experiment.

I’ve also re-done Bannon’s back tattoos. I did a render, but the tattoo came out so jaggy and low-rez, I was NOT happy with it. I think what will end up happening is, I’ll make a tattoo image that is even more huge than the skin texture I’m using, and blend it in Poser. If I make it a greyscale jpg or something, that ought to keep the file size down. Hopefully it won’t explode my Poser when I go to render.


In barely-related news, I popped over to the Sentence Generator site today and see that my Torchwood generator had over 900 hits…!! I do HOPE that’s not why BigParadox is running so slowly today! :/ I can’t get it to load far enough to see if anyone added anything in there….



All right, I’m still writing this week’s post, and about to hit page 14. (12 pages has been the norm for my ‘really long’ posts.) I still don’t want to break it in half… though I suppose I could milk some more suspense out of it if i did… I dunno. As of right now, I’m saying it’s going to be delayed til next week!


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