Lack of Work This Week


Yeah, maybe you noticed I didn’t publish anything today, like I was supposed to? Mm. I did play my DA game last night to catch up to where the story is… and found out there’s really nothing going on there in lake town or whatever it is called. That’s okay, I made up stuff to go on. :X

So why am I not WORKING on it? Uhhh… there’s a few little bits of business and conversation snippets I need to get through, and they are not flowing one to the other. Or showing a logical chronological order. In short, they’re just being a pain, but I want to do them. Then they’ll get to town. Not do a whole lot there, then get a move on with the next quest.


In other arenas… also not working on the DA:TW story. I did write another plain Torchwood short, based on an incident at work. Jack combats a bug.

I have been working really hard on Zevran’s tattoos. And a tattoo tutorial. And I have also started writing a “Hitchhikers’ Guide to Thedas.” And notes for a “Hitchhikers’ Guide to Torchwood.” Then the disparate fandoms won’t have to be so lost…. Or something.

I’m not sure I’ll get this next B&Z part done by next Friday, but I will try. I also have to do another Hatchie Holiday image to round out my calendar on deviantArt. And then I have been thinking of working on a Second Life project for, say, 3 months. Plus, November is coming up. I still can’t do NaNoWriMo, because my elbow RSI is acting up rather badly. And if I’m going to be doing SL projects, it looks bad for doing a “Post-a-Week” pact this year.


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