Work This Week


I wanted to get the next chapter out this Friday. Um, today. Yeah, that didn’t happen. Technically, it’s not due til next Friday, but since last week’s post was a week late…. Well.

I’ve got the conversation going the way I want it to. I’ve got up to the part I’ve already written (Zevran vs Carroll). Now I’m trying to decide if I should also do the first part where they arrive actually IN the Tower. Personally, I feel like stopping here. :X

That, plus my brain came from WAY out of left field and now wants to write a Black Butler fanfic short story. Brain? WHAT are you THINKING!??!?! And why won’t you think what I want you to think?


Today I wasted all morning shopping at a bead store online, that my friend gave me a link to, cuz they are having a moving sale. 50% off stuff. Some pretty good deals. I loaded up my cart with like 60 bucks worth of stuff. (Well, 120’s worth, at 50% off.)

Then they tell me they’re going to ship DDU — not paying any import/duties taxes. So I have to pay those. How much are they? Hellifiknow, because I can’t bloody find the answer anywhere. The best guess I could get was the USPS says they charge 30 bucks for something similar to that. THIRTY BUCKS!?!? Sorry, not happening.

Anyway, perhaps NOW I can actually start the typing I wanted to do today? Brain, PAY ATTENTION!


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