Work This Week


Last week I started writing the beginning of the Circle Tower arc. Gregoir was telling the crew about the abominations, demons, and blood mages running amok and taking over. And that if they want to go in there, they’re getting locked in there. And I’m thinking… this is nuts! They can’t go in there! What about the greater Grey Warden mission? And they’re going to walk into hell, now?

What was Bannon thinking?? So… to find out, I loaded up my second Bannon playthrough and had the chat with Gregoir. Seems Gregoir doesn’t know about Uldred. Wynne is the one with that info — and after you’re already stuck in there. That seemed more plausible. Demons aren’t that much worse than darkspawn, anyway.

But for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out any plot or plan of Uldred’s that didn’t involve him trying to take out the Templars with Blood Magic. He’s not stupid, he knows he has to take them out. And unleasing a bunch of demons? Come on, Templars can fight those. Uldred has to hit them hard, and where they live, so that means mind control and in-fighting.

Then I had to figure out how the hell to convince not just Bannon, but everyone else that they ought to go in. Well, I cheated with Leliana. :X I think I’ve got a handle on mitigating the sheer suicidal audacity of trying this, plus I’ve given Leliana, Bannon, and to some extent Zevran the motivations to try it. So hopefully they don’t look too stupid. :/


In Poser news… I didn’t do much of doodle. For some damnfool reason, I’m trying to make another pole dancing picture (I blame Venti), instead of working on stuff I’m supposed to. Like… oh, I don’t know, that meme I was working on. Still no progress on the last bits for that.

Oh, DAZ had a sale, and I got a bar wench outfit for a scene I want to do. So far only Bannon is wearing the boots from it… :X Zevran found his Antivan Leather Boots on the sale, too.

I typed in what I had for the Dragon Age: Torchwood episode one. I actually have a lot done. In fact, I have chapter 1 and 2 of that finished. It’s in chapter 3 where it starts to break down and I lost myself. But if I keep on typing in what I have, I’ll eventually get untangled.

My brain also went out into left field and developed a Dr Who/Torchwood crossover vore story. I don’t know if I should say vore like that, because vore is kinda freaky. (If you don’t know what it is, think ‘carnivore.’) This story isn’t freaky like that. Then again, I don’t sexualize it. But… it’s turning out to be one hell of a good story.


In totally unrelated news, I’ve been working in Second Life this week. Mondays and Wednesdays, from 9 to noon. That’s my schedule. I’m working on outfits and hair for a Tiny Torchwood team. Meanwhile, my brain is plotting some machinima…. But don’t hold your breath on that.

Monday I was working in The Zone, and I didn’t really want to stop… but I did, so I don’t burn out. Today… not so much, but mainly because I got distracted by having to do some other stuff. Mess with swag, mess with hippo, fix the Prim Charades Grave scripts. Made me lose my momentum.

But that’s okay, next week is another week.


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