Bannon & Zevran: The Word Cloud


Okay, the CMDA crew tweaked me to Wordle’s word cloud generator. I tossed in ‘The Ambush,’ and got these lovely artistic, wordy, word-art things! Who thought word clouds could be so much fun?


The vertical one, I’m thinking, might work as a sort of decoration around here somewhere….



Work Last Week


After working on my November Writing Project for two weeks, I figured out that I wanted to work on the Doctor Who/Torchwood story and Dragon Age: Torchwood Episode 1. And finish them this month. It still has not properly dawned on me that ‘this month’ has only one week left.

Also last week, I suddenly fell out of my sadistic mood. It happens. So that pretty much nixed work on the DW/TW story. Hence, I concentrated on the DA:TW story. The plot is not cooperating.

First, I spent half an hour or more trying to find the piece of paper where I had written down the final order of the scenes that made sense. I totally failed. So then I spent two more hours trying to figure that out again. At last, I had it hashed out. I wrote it on a single piece of paper, and I tacked it to my wall.

Then, just this weekend, I realized it wasn’t working. The main problem is, my brain developed this extra scene that is really a lot of fun, but didn’t fit in with the rest of the plot the way I had it. I should probably be ruthless and cut the scene back out. Or, cut out a scene with a similar setup that isn’t as exciting, as it only shows off Bannon’s negotiation skills. My Brain will not agree to this.

But now on my wall is the final Final plot, version 2.whatever. The second big Rift Storm scene is intact, with all the players in place. Then, the teaser scene that I wrote with Zevran in Owen’s car is null and void, because it’s going to end up being Bannon in Owen’s car. Now I have to figure out how that’s going to be different. Ugh. There’s another scene with Bannon & Zevran in Jack’s office, that will now have to be only Zevran by himself. That’s not so bad.

The rest of the bits and pieces of scenes I was starting and not finishing… are still in a big, jumbled mess. I might get half of those straightened out. Then I have to figure out how to imply all the things Torchwood is doing, when I have no idea what they’re doing. But it’s a lot of stuff. :X

Once I get all this nonsense settled down in Chapter 3, hopefully the rest of the story will be easy to write. Maybe by the end, I’ll figure out how to get Rhys back. Oh… or maybe I won’t. He’ll just be there. :X (No… people will lynch me. Drat.)

And after next week, I’d better have a clue what’s going on in the Circle Tower!


Work This Week, More WoNoWriMo


So far, I’ve missed two weekdays I wanted to write on. But I do think there were two weekend days when I *did* write, so maybe it evened out. I’m not keeping a running total word count (I’m not even typing anything in!), I’m just trying to track my handwritten page count.

By the way, I’ll be tracking the details on my other blog.

So far, no more work has gotten done on the current chapter of Bannon & Zevran. I’m worried my audience will wither and die. Or maybe I will wither and die, without new comments. Must Publish or Perish!

I *did* finish a weekly prompt for the Zevran thread on the BioBoards, that was a Bannon & Zevran short. If you missed it, it’s here.

I have also done some other B&Z scenes, mostly from future Dragon Age: Torchwood episodes. The rest has been work on the Doctor Who/Torchwood story that my brain kicked out a couple weeks ago.


In other news, I finished two images this week. A serious B&Z snogging scene, and a Crack Dragon Age Jammie party. I tried to start another scene yesterday, but Poser kept crashing when I tried to convert the clothing I had to Stephanie to create the barmaid. All day. Ugh.

Yesterday was so wasted, I couldn’t even write. Double Ugh.

Today I got back to work in Second Life, and got some stuff done. For which I feel good.

In crafty news, I found a new pattern for crocheting a holly leaf I need to try for a cat collar my friend insisted i make for my cat. (My cat will undoubtedly also have a suggestion of something to me to do to said friend in response to that.) My mom got me the yarn she wants me to use in crocheting her sweater for Christmas. (Not specifying which Christmas, which is a good idea.) AND, I picked up some Sculpy clay to attempt to make a sea turtle pendant for my sea turtle necklace design.

Hopefully, I can get something nice-looking to come out. I was inspired by this artist’s work with fimo (Santani). I’ve always been rather good at clay; I used to play with plasticine all the time when I was a kid. Oh, yeah, I did some claymation, too. So it should be fun. But I want it to come out very realistic looking, and I’m worried I won’t have the tools/skills to accomplish that. We’ll see.


Bloodsong’s November Writing Project 12 Week 2


I have now decided that this is my November Writing Project:
Each morning (on weekdays, at least), I will wake up and write one page of whatever my brain is thinking of. No matter what story, or what episode, what book or chapter, or even if it is crack.

Week 2’s Report:
Nov 5: DWTW-V 1 page
Nov 6: DATW-XW a couple of pages, I think
Nov 7: DABZ:Scare, a weekly prompt
Nov 8: –FAIL–
Nov 9: DWTW-V more pages

Okay, I forgot to actually pay attention to how many pages I wrote of each thing or other. ::shrug::

My brain is revolting. Er, my brain is rebelling, I mean! It keeps making up imaginary friends, and a bunch of machinima. The machinima I could at least write out like a script, but imaginary friends?? Come ON!