Bloodsong’s November Writing Project 12 Week 2


I have now decided that this is my November Writing Project:
Each morning (on weekdays, at least), I will wake up and write one page of whatever my brain is thinking of. No matter what story, or what episode, what book or chapter, or even if it is crack.

Week 2’s Report:
Nov 5: DWTW-V 1 page
Nov 6: DATW-XW a couple of pages, I think
Nov 7: DABZ:Scare, a weekly prompt
Nov 8: –FAIL–
Nov 9: DWTW-V more pages

Okay, I forgot to actually pay attention to how many pages I wrote of each thing or other. ::shrug::

My brain is revolting. Er, my brain is rebelling, I mean! It keeps making up imaginary friends, and a bunch of machinima. The machinima I could at least write out like a script, but imaginary friends?? Come ON!


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