Work This Week, More WoNoWriMo


So far, I’ve missed two weekdays I wanted to write on. But I do think there were two weekend days when I *did* write, so maybe it evened out. I’m not keeping a running total word count (I’m not even typing anything in!), I’m just trying to track my handwritten page count.

By the way, I’ll be tracking the details on my other blog.

So far, no more work has gotten done on the current chapter of Bannon & Zevran. I’m worried my audience will wither and die. Or maybe I will wither and die, without new comments. Must Publish or Perish!

I *did* finish a weekly prompt for the Zevran thread on the BioBoards, that was a Bannon & Zevran short. If you missed it, it’s here.

I have also done some other B&Z scenes, mostly from future Dragon Age: Torchwood episodes. The rest has been work on the Doctor Who/Torchwood story that my brain kicked out a couple weeks ago.


In other news, I finished two images this week. A serious B&Z snogging scene, and a Crack Dragon Age Jammie party. I tried to start another scene yesterday, but Poser kept crashing when I tried to convert the clothing I had to Stephanie to create the barmaid. All day. Ugh.

Yesterday was so wasted, I couldn’t even write. Double Ugh.

Today I got back to work in Second Life, and got some stuff done. For which I feel good.

In crafty news, I found a new pattern for crocheting a holly leaf I need to try for a cat collar my friend insisted i make for my cat. (My cat will undoubtedly also have a suggestion of something to me to do to said friend in response to that.) My mom got me the yarn she wants me to use in crocheting her sweater for Christmas. (Not specifying which Christmas, which is a good idea.) AND, I picked up some Sculpy clay to attempt to make a sea turtle pendant for my sea turtle necklace design.

Hopefully, I can get something nice-looking to come out. I was inspired by this artist’s work with fimo (Santani). I’ve always been rather good at clay; I used to play with plasticine all the time when I was a kid. Oh, yeah, I did some claymation, too. So it should be fun. But I want it to come out very realistic looking, and I’m worried I won’t have the tools/skills to accomplish that. We’ll see.


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