Work This Week


So after November, I’ve tried to get back on track with writing Bannon & Zevran. My Brain has not been concentrating on it very well. I wanted to do the whole start of the Circle Tower from when they walk in the door til they meet the Sloth Demon. That totally didn’t happen. So that got cut in half. The next part, I should’ve had a head start on, because I was trying to write it for 3 weeks ago… Mm. Yeah. That somehow also didn’t happen. That’s dragging along way too much. Ugh.

I have been speculating about taking a break before writing the Fade sequence. Since… um, I don’t know what’s going to happen in it. Perhaps my Brain knows something I don’t know. All I have is some vague idea that I want to do it a little differently. And something specific has to happen with Zevran’s story.

While not paying attention to what it’s supposed to be doing, my Brain has been working on writing other things. Mainly a big slew of Dragon Age: Torchwood clips. That’s been fun, but meanwhile, it hasn’t worked out Episode One of that blasted series yet.


Then I remembered… I wasn’t going to start posting Episode One (“End of Days”) until it was all done, and I had a book cover for it. Which I also have not been working on. Except today. Today I got inspired to do a little more work on my Captaing Jack Harkness Poser figure. Um… insamuch as I went shopping for a new coat for him. I think I may have found one, but I’m still hoping to hold out for a real WWII coat with collar morphs. Free or for sale, at this point, I’m not picky.

And I also goofed around making the movie poster/book cover scene. This is it, so far, in total rough draft. Yes, Jack’s coat needs an overhaul. Bannon is apparently trying to avoid looking like Neo. Perhaps Zevran’s jacket would look better with the shiny leather and Bannon’s in dark cloth. Or shiny cloth. What ARE trenchcoats made out of? Mine is a little shiny. Satiny, almost.

Ah, it was ugly, so I trashed it. :X But I do have a line on a nice coat….


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