Work This Week and Last Week


I’ve got a new poser picture in the pipe. In fact, i got it all rendered, and the special FX painted on, but I haven’t yet sat down and overpainted the hair yet. That is all that’s left to do on it. I’ll be happy to be posting that on deviantArt. (Which I should maybe link to sometime this year… and take down my warped link.)


I have been worried about the Bannon & Zevran story, because I’ve known for a good while now that I wanted to do something a bit different in the Fade. Never sure what, though. Uhm, now that the published story is up to that part….! Yeah, would be good if I figured that out, hm?

I’ve actually been wondering if my Brain’s subconscious department has been working on it, without telling me. I think it has. This past weekend, my Brain has finally figured out how Bannon gets trapped in the Fade! Thanks for letting me know, Brain. ::cough:: This morning, it started putting out some really killer stuff about Alistair in the Fade.

This is gonna be Good! So instead of worrying about putting the story on hiatus, I’m excited to be getting some scenes banged out. I wrote 3 pages this morning, and it’s just the ‘first’ day of work on the next chapter. :X Yes, sadly, that’s better than par. Way better.


In other writing arenas… (if anyone is interested. Well, I might be, when I come back and read all these…) I’ve been going good guns on a lot of Dragon Age: Torchwood clips. Uhm, I don’t think I’ve actually finished any. :X I even started the first scene of episode 2. No, nothing’s gotten done on episode 1. I’m going to have to just write out all the scenes my Brain has, and then see if I can stitch them together into some kind of order.


One Response to “Work This Week and Last Week”

  1. ShebasDawn Says:

    Yay…more B&Z!!! You just TOTALLY made my day!

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