Work This Week


The chapter to be published this Friday is done! Including proofed/edited and spell-checked. Already! AND, the chapter due 2 weeks hence is written and typed and half proofed/edited. I’m so happy, I don’t know what to do with myself!

I’m not quite ready to dive in to the very next chapter, just yet. I’m letting it marinate in my Brain a little longer. I know what’s going to go on in it, though. I just need to see if my Brain comes up with any little twists for it.


I have another Dragon Age: Torchwood clip I want to write. I should illustrate it…. And, unhappily, I haven’t done a blasted thing with Episode 1. I know I said all I have to do is write out all the scenes my Brain has, then somehow plaster them together, but… Brain has not been cooperating in that endeavor. Well, come on, Brain! It’s your own damned fault! Get with the program!


In artistic news… um, no news. I have a new pic I want to make, a sort of sequel to the shower scene. I’m not exactly sure yet how to compose it. And also not sure how I’m going to paint/create very short wet hair.


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