Work This Week (and End)


Got a publishing deadline due this coming Friday… and no, I don’t have the chapter done. It’s… sorta started? Gah, what happened to my 2-chapter buffer? Crashed and burned, baby. So sorry.

That had nothing to do with me starting up a new forum RP. Really.


But never mind that, I would like to rant a few minutes about HOW FUBAR MY LIFE IS. How THE UNIVERSE CONSPIRES AGAINST ME, to make even the simplest project the biggest pain in the butt possible. Oh, is that so hard to believe? Hah!

Now, if the Universe worked properly, I could just export my M3 head from Poser, open it in Sculptris, turn on symmetry, and sculpt beautiful, beautiful things! And these beautiful things would go back into Poser and be beautiful.*

But NOOOOOoooooo! If you turn on symmetry in Sculptris, it just bollixes the whole THING up! (Oh, for those just tuning in? I got this hot tip off the Pixologic/Sculptris forum: Sculptris mirrors the points, not the tool-strokes, so do NOT turn on symmetry if you’re trying to make a morph.)

Armed with this information, I sculpted the right side of the head only. “Hey,” I said with a self-satisfied smugness, “I have Morph Target Mirror, I’m cool!” I did a bunch of separate area morphs (nose, eyes, chin, lips, ears) instead of trying to do it all in one go this time. Easier to tweak. And mix and match. Passed the suckers through MTM. Annnnnnnd… the right side of my morphs looked beauuuuuutiful! And the left side had stray vertices sprouting like hairs out of it.


Not bad, eh? That’s the good side.

So I tried different settings, but the only variation I got was to have the ear and jaw flap around instead of hairs sprout out of the nose and ear. Was that an improvment? I don’t know. I racked my brain for how to get that OUT of the morphs.

The next morning (this was a whole-weekend job… and still going!)– I thought to myself, ‘Wait a minute! Aren’t there Python Scripts to mirror morphs?’ YES! Ockham to the rescue!

So I loaded up the right side of my nose, ran Ockham’s Morph Mirror script, and Poser proceeded to crash and die with an ‘out of memory’ error.

Still thing the Universe is not out to get me? Hah!

I tried 3 times, and I DID manage to save my scene once before the crash and burn. So then I opened it back up to look at the mirrored morph. Oh joyous day! The ear and jaw didn’t move! Ahhhh, but the left nostril was chewed up.

Singed, But Undaunted, I loaded another of Ockham’s scripts. This one will take vertices out of your morph by group. So! All I had to do was throw the left ear and jaw corner into a group… sic the Exclusion script on my MTM-mirrored morph, and voila!


The trick, of course, is to get the script to realize you want to use the group you made, and not, say, the ‘head’ group that comes with the head. (Yeah, well, I just deleted the head group. Seems to be working, so far.)

No parade of triumph, yet, though. One of the morphs is an ear morph. See, that’s not going to work so well taking the ear vertices out of it. :( So I’ve been trying to get Ockham’s script to mirror it three times, here. I mean, hey, if it mirrors the ears and chews up the nose, I can just remove the nose vertices from it. I’m getting good with this excluder thing. So far, no joy.


* — Actually, if the Universe worked perfectly, I wouldn’t need Sculptris, but would be able to do the exact same thing in Modo, which I already spent four-freekin-hundred dollars on. Modo, of course, can’t preserve symmetry when you turn it on to save it’s life. And, it doesn’t sculpt like Sculptris. I swear, the ONLY thing in the world that works with me is Sculptris. And yet… it so eludes being able to do anything useful for me… :(


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