Work This Week (or Lack Thereof)


Okay, so I was um…. supposed to publish the next short chapter of B&Z early. As in, today. Well, see, here’s what happened….

Monday I worked in Second Life, Tuesday I worked on a Poser project then went out to WalMart for a trip, Wednesday I worked more in Second Life, and then on Thursday, it was the kitty’s checkup time at the vet.

I got the kitty a natural calming treat for breakfast. I wish I could have one… I probably need it more than the cat does…. At the vet, we went into the kitty waiting room, where I found some snuggly blankies treated with cat calming pheremones. We got us one of them suckers. I put it over the carrier as directed, but I took a couple whiffs, myself.

The vet visit went fine… actually, me and the kitty might have been a little stoned. :X

When we got back, I was really wiped out. In fact, I went to bed before 8.

All of which means… I had absolutely no time to type in the next chapter. So. That’s why it’s not out. It’s NOT that I’m trying to use this as an excuse to puff up my write-ahead buffer. (Seeing as the talky post-Circle part also didn’t get worked on this week, and STILL isn’t finished!) No, not at all. It just happened.

Will I post it, like… before next Friday? Uhhhhmmmm…. if anyone complains? I’m STILL working on stuff and still a little whupped, so it STILL is not typed in yet. This weekend I got to do stuff. So probably not. :X


5 Responses to “Work This Week (or Lack Thereof)”

  1. thevicwu Says:

    Bloodsong, when are you going to be at the snail races? – Indy

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