Late This Week


As of this morning, I’m starting page 16 of the chapter that is due this week. Uh, well, today. And it’s STILL NOT DONE. There is ONE small scene that isn’t done, but my brain is ready to quit for this week. Maybe I will be able to eke something out over lunch.

Most of what is done is typed in, but it isn’t even proofed yet. Although I realized just a while ago that there is a slight plot inconsistancy with the next chapter that needs a little adjustment. You know what happens with products rushed out the door. Right?

So… maybe I will post this week’s chapter this weekend. Or, uh, next Friday? :X We will see how it goes, but it is definitely going to be late.


In other news, I’ve gotten wind of another 3d app I want to try, 3D Coat. If I can sculpt with it as quickly and easily as I can with Sculptris… If it can make symmetrical morphs that are not FUBAR… I will quite happily shell out 350 bucks for the sucker. Hey, it even does UVMapping and painting.

I adore Sculptris to death, but it’s limitations…. ::shakes head sadly:: That, plus I think Pixologic bought it out just to bury it. I really, really do. Hey, I tried the ZBrush demo again! It Does Not Work For Me. I’m sorry; ZBrush is really great, but I can’t use it. Not like I can use Sculptris. Or could use Sculptris. If, you know, Sculptris did the morphs right and the UVmapping stuff….

::sigh:: Anyway, I suppose the quest for the perfect 3D Modelling… oh, I can’t call it an app any more, those are for i-thingies. Program. The Quest for the Perfect 3D Modelling Program continues.

Keep your fingers crossed. I could finally maybe finish Jack’s head. Hey, I could even make Zevran look more like Zevran…!


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