Work This Week and Last Week (Sorta?)


Okay, it’s inevitable, B&Z is going to be late. I’ve tried to work on it, I really have. My Brain, however, is not cooperating.

Instead, my Brain has absconded to Tiajuana to write an Arrow Fanfic. That’s what it did all last week. Eight to twelve hours a day! How? –you may ask– How could this happen?

Well…. it’s my fault. :/ Somehow, I missed a week of Arrow, watching it online. (Cuz I don’t have a TV, you know.) So I watched the 2nd-to-the-last episode, and then at the big cliffhanger ending, I didn’t go right on and watch the last episode. I mean, you know, I kinda enjoy a bit of cliffhangeryness. Now and again.

This was my first mistake. My second mistake was asking my Brain, “Gee, what do you think they will do next?” To which my Brain replied, “They are going to have a little conversation.” It then proceded to write that ‘little conversation,’ and dozens of other ‘little conversations’ that they and the other characters had, and… um… well….

The next thing I know, I’ve invented a new AU, and my brain is trying to write a whole series for it.

STOP THAT, BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cripes, I don’t have enough writing projects already? B&Z is going to take ten years at this rate. Dragon Age: Torchwood **S T I L L** is not out. The first episode is **S T I L L** messed up. Don’t forget my Dr Who/Torchwood story. Now my Brain is going to start messing with this? Why ME????


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