Work This Week



I’m not actually sure what I did this week. Wednesday, I tried working in 3D Coat, but that didn’t go well. Brain was in snooze mode, so no writing. I tried to start knitting some socks, but that didn’t work, either.

Tuesday I monkeyed around in the Dragon Age Toolset to do a silly illustration of the boyz. Monday, I really can’t remember. :/

Today, though, my Brain helped me work on some more of last week’s B&Z chapter. (Which, no, is not out yet.) That was good. It’s still going plot nuts with the Arrow AU, but perhaps it is slowing down. Oh, wait. I remember what I did Monday. An arc with Felicity. :X

I cut my finger and have a bandaid, so I’m not typing in the B&Z. Even if I were, it still wouldn’t be done in time for tomorrow. I will try to work out a schedule so my Brain and I can both get our writing in. It usually doesn’t work, however. Why is my Brain more strong-willed than I am? Or maybe it’s just more stubborn…!


I’m going to shoot for the B&Z for next friday. The Arrow thing has a few chapters done that I can post. After a bit of that, however, it sorta starts to fragment. Someone (me, not my Brain) is going to have to hammer together a plot framework to hang it on.

As for who is going to work on the Torchwood & Dr Who related stuff and when…. :/ Ugh.


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