Work This Week & Prognosis


G&B (my Arrow fic) has a 7-chapter buffer. Or chapterlet, since they’re so small. Plus at least half a dozen more written (and some even typed). Posting 2 per week, I expect to eventually come to a point where I run into a situation where I don’t have the next chronological chapter done, and the whole thing skids to a halt. But I don’t forsee any long problems with that.

G&B will have three parts. The part being published now is the beginning, or the pilot episode(s) of the series. The second part will be a sort of in-limbo time where the new team work together. Um, I do NOT plan on writing this. Actually, I kinda suck at plots, so I don’t even have any missions for them to do. Although technically, I could watch season two and just re-write all the plots in the G&B AU…. NO, not doing that. No no no.

The third part will be the Series Finale, where fewmets hit the windmill and… irrevocable stuff happens. Oh, and just to be crazy, there’s a standalone side-story that goes with this section. And… despite my earlier predictions, I think I know how my Brain wants to end it all.

Which will be a shame, because… well, you all know how I love having opposing forces working together!


Yeah, I thought this blog was the DRAGON AGE BLOG!?!?

Right, so will B&Z suffer horribly by being blocked by work on G&B? I thought that might be the case. That was most certainly the case when the May 31 B&Z chapter failed to appear….! ::glares at Brain:: But now, I do not think so. My Brain has been Very Good at working on alternate days.

And, since the G&B only uses short chapterlets, and since there’s a plethora of them, I don’t see B&Z getting bogged down by them.

However… :X The next chapter of B&Z is mostly pre-written, and I’ve finished the lead-in. I also think I’ve worked out how the chapter ends. But THEN… the next mission on The Great Plot Outline is Soldier’s Peak. Why is this portentious? Uh, because I have no idea how it’s going to go. :X

So I need to load up Bannon v.2’s last savegame and play through Denerim and Soldier’s Peak, so I get a clue what’s going to go on there. …Hrm… did I even finish the Circle Tower in that game…? Must pick a day and do that!


Summary: G&B fans, you have nothing to worry about. B&Z fans… forecast shows high possibility of delays.


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