Dragon Age: Torchwood News


Okay, this morning I sat down with the outline and the stack of scenes/partial scenes for episode 1 and figured out what still needs to be done, and where the scenes go. Actually, it’s in pretty good shape. Chapters 1.1 and 1.2 have been done for some time now. 1.3 is halfway done, and the scenes for it are mostly written out. After that, the scenes should be relatively easy.


There are illustrations. Already! I’m creating four preview scenes for episode 1, and three are done. In fact, I was surprised to find out it was 1 am when I was still working last night. Today, I hope I can finish the final scene.

Of course, then there’s the problematic question of releasing them. I mean, you know, if I want to generate and maintain a buzz, I can’t just post all these things here at the beginning of July when the story isn’t coming out til the end of October. ::sigh:: And you know what an attention hog I am.

Plus, I should really be working on, say, Captain Jack’s Poser face. :X


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