Work Some Week


Last week, my Brain went on a little vacation. Can’t blame it, there. It was relaxing.


This week, the next chapter of Bannon & Zevran is due. I have the beginning half written, and the middle-end done. I don’t have an ending for this chapter. Oh, and just so you know, I still have no clue what is going to go on in the NEXT chapter. :/


My buffer of Green & Black chapters is shrinking. I have two more done, then two that are half done, and some more dealing with Felicity that need to go in here and there. I have two other chapters done (or nearly done) that I’m not sure where in the grand scheme of things they go. Yes, the outline gets vague…

One important thing I’m missing is a mission for Oliver, Malcolm, and Diggle to do before Felicity comes home. I had an idea for that, but my Brain took it and made it a full-team mission. I can’t steal it back, because it really works a whole lot better with Felicity thrown in the mix.

Speaking of outlines, I now know where G&B is actually going. There is a beginning, and an end. There is no middle, however. I think I mentioned this before… I’m not planning on any 4-man Arrow Team stories. ::cough:: Except this one my Brain stole. But that is IT!


Dragon Age: Torchwood previews are out. I’ll be posting 4, one on each Monday in July (until I ran out, those of you who can count on a calendar). Piccie Previews with writing snippets! Get them at my Deviant Art Page.

I have decided on a mission Ianto and Zevran can do. Haha, based on where this occurs, they probably can’t do it, due to interference with, say, the WHOLE REST OF THE PLOT. Oh…. it *might* fit in with Ianto and Bannon’s next mission. Geeze, the way I need to swap elves out, you’d think the boyz were interchangeable. :X

Note to WordPress followers: I don’t think I’m going to be posting the Dragon Age: Torchwood series on this blog. (Am I?) I was thinking of posting it to the Bannon & Zevran forum,, and A Teaspoon and an Open Mind. The latter is optional. I don’t know. I’ll know when we get there, I guess. :X The blog takes a little more actual work to put stories in.


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