Work Last Week DATW-11w


So last week marked 11 weeks until Dragon Age: Torchwood comes out. For those keeping score, Episode 1 is coming along. Slowly, but that’s faster than it was doing. The whole thing is like one big mudball that part fell off of. So I’m trying to slap pieces into shape and glue them on the main ball. It’s no longer hopeless, just messy.

I have to say, I’m very pleased with how the episode is turning out. Of the 2.8 chapters I have done, I’m enjoying reading them over. So, hey, my #1 fan is happy, at least. :X


I have made ZERO progress on Captain Jack’s head. I’ve made some sort of NEGATIVE progress on getting the Poser head into 3D Coat to work on it. Ugh. Don’t ask. Since I now want to do a few Malcolm Merlyn artworks, I really don’t care any more about making the morphs for the Poser head. If I could just import the head I have and sculpt it the way I want it, then slap the static model on….! I could stand to do that! Grr.


My Brain took of on vacation with my two elves. They had better be back in September…. As of this point, I have no idea what they’re doing. Or what will be going on with B&Z. Don’t panic, it’s NOT abandoned!

I just have to figure out why my Brain doesn’t like this Spoiled Princess chapter. Or, if worse comes to worst, finish the chapter without my Brain’s help.


Meanwhile, I’m working on my G&B chapters… since I totally ran out of a write-ahead buffer, and the current chapters are… well, not written yet. :X Actually, I think the third chapter is written. 1, 2, 4, and any other parts that it needs aren’t done yet. At least I know what is SUPPOSED to happen. As opposed to two weeks ago where I didn’t….

Once I get past this mission…. There’s a couple chapters that are finished. There are a couple that aren’t written, but I know what’s going on in them. And then there is going to be a final mission that will end the Arrow: Green & Black series.

Now, that doesn’t mean G&B is done! Noooooo. I should be so lucky. First, there is a standalone mission. Which I know how the middle goes, but nothing else. Especially since my Brain left it hanging with a conundrum in the middle, without telling me how to solve it! Grr!

If the new season of Arrow starts, then I’ll probably be innundated with ideas of how the G&B team could have handled the situations in those episodes differently. (Really need to finish before then… Brain is very dangerous.)

Then there will be another series of G&B, which will be more like the final season. There will be big changes in the characters, more drama, and a final resolution.


Oh, I also worked on the Hitchhikers’ Guide to Dragon Age. (Renamed to …Origins, because I totally didn’t do Awakenings, or anything to do with 2.) I have the main characters and major characters, photos and write-ups, done. Those, I think are the big things, the who’s who. I want to do some of the more minor characters.

After that, the rest is just copying and pasting other basic info from my notes. So, fingers crossed, I can finish this sucker by the end of the month.

I wanted to release another Dragon Age: Torchwood related image this month, but… Yeah, see above about Jack’s head. :(


Ten weeks left til DA:TW 1.1! And… two or three weeks til another B&Z chapter! We’ll see if I can reduce the G&B workload so I can get back to them.


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