Dragon Age: Torchwood News

Released Today: Male Slash Icons. Jack Harkness & Zevran Arainai. Or should I have called them “Bastions of Bisexuality”? Oh well, I like Male Slash Icons better. :X

Released Earlier This Week: Wild Wild Torchwood. A short clip from the Dragon Age: Torchwood ‘verse.


Coming Soon: “Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss When You Work for Torchwood.” Um, I think that’s the title. Well, something like that… Soon as I finish the last part, which is something along the lines of “Things the Boss of Torchwood Should Never Say to an Elf that Hates Him”… no, that can’t be right… I’ll think of something. But, considering my track record with titles… don’t hold your breath. :X

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