Work This Week

… this didn’t get published…??? seriously? why did traffic jump up? oh for…!!

I’m working on it!!

Okay, well, I’m trying to. I can’t figure out why Levi Dryden needs Grey Wardens to go with him to Soldiers Peak so badly. I’ll have to snoop his conversation again.

Meanwhile, you don’t want to hear about the G&B and the other Arrow fic. (OMG, now there’s another one!?)


In Dragon Age: Torchwood news… Chapter 4 is moving along slowly. At least I figured out how the scene goes. I could have written more of it today, if I hadn’t been playing Uncharted Waters Online all day. Like 6 hours straight, all day. :X

Oh, but I have been working on a summary (unlike I usually do, which is try to throw together something as I’m posting the first chapter….) And I’m honing my summary skills by making loglines. Or trying to. What’s a logline? Read the link.

Note that it is for a movie, which has a limited amount of time to tell a story. Not, say, a novel. Although Torchwood is a TV show…. :X But since I’m not limited by THAT, either…!

Here’s the logline:

Two elven rogues fall through a tear in the Veil. (10)
Their only hope of return is Torchwood, (7)
but first the elves need to help them save Earth. (10)


Here’s the summary that was distilled from:

Two elven rogues are catapulted through a tear in the Veil and end up on a strange, dangerous world. Their only hope of return lies with this odd group of humans known as Torchwood. But first, Bannon & Zevran need to help them keep their planet from being torn apart.

Or this, which is the more Torchwood-centric version:

The Cardiff Rift goes haywire, triggering worldwide temporal storms. Not only is Torchwood responsible for this mess, they may be far too small to save the Earth from being torn apart. Enter two wily medieval elves. But will they be enough to help, or will their own agenda of returning home conflict with Torchwood's mission?

Or maybe i should just concentrate on a summary for the whole series concept…?

Or, now HERE’s a radical idea!! Maybe I should concentrate on WRITING THE STORY!


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