Dragon Age: Torchwood News

T minus 5 weeks until DA:TW 1.1!

Things Never to Say to Your Boss when You Work for Torchwood,” the second DA:TW clip is now up. I’m sure that’s the name of it. I’m not sure it’s entirely capitalized correctly.

I wrote not only the final scene (Things Never to Say to your Elven Employees when You are the Boss at Torchwood), but slipped in another final scene. Because… you know these people live in my head, and they don’t stop trying to one-up each other…!

The action sequence was pretty good, if I do say so myself. Not sure the humor was up to par with the other parts, though.


I have more of Chapter 4 typed in. I’m having a very bad feeling about the action in this chapter, and how much of it should be cut out. But… (don’t faint, now) I have a beta reader for this monstrosity. Secret Beta Reader will know what to do! Hey, if worse comes to worst, I can always publish a “deleted scenes” compilation. :X


No progress on Jack’s head. I may go and actually sculpt it in 3d Coat. Then frustrate the (*#$%& out of myself trying to get the poser head vertices to conform to it. Yeah, not looking forward to a lot of work that will lead to a lot of grief. I suppose I should just do it for art’s sake.

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