Work This Week T-4


GAH! It’s suddenly October, and Dragon Age: Torchwood is coming out at the end of this month! Don’t worry, it will be on time. What the publishing schedule for it will be after chapter 1, I don’t know.

Today, I managed to finish The Hitchhikers’ Guide to Dragon Age Origins. The writing had been done, but it’s the formatting between Sea Monkey and WordPress that took me two flipping days.

As for actual writing, two things are getting done this week. Doodle and Squat. I don’t know where my Brain is. Perhaps it needs a recharge. I need to sit out in my hammock is what I need, but I can’t find the right one.

For anyone who cares about G&B, that (first) series is almost over. Afterward, I will get more strongly on track with B&Z. You hear me, Brain? That’s what’s going to happen!


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