Work This Week T-3

B&Z:   I actually got… about 3/4 of 1/4 of a page done writing on this.  No, correction, I now have half a page written on this.  Soon I will get to the end, which is a pre-written scene.  Perhaps next week.  :/
G&B:  Got another chunk of the Executive Meeting done, and typed in the chapter slated for tomorrow, Judas.  I still have to proof and spellcheck.  Oh, and I wanted to re-read G&B to look for incidents that can be tied in to it.
DA:TW:  Not a lot got written… um, if anything.  BUT, I did a LOT of work on Jack’s head in 3d Coat.  I don’t know if I can get it into any useable form out of 3d Coat… but it’s something.  I hold out hope.


I made up a Master Fic List of what is sitting in my Brain.


Major Stories:

    Bannon & Zevran (the 5-book saga)
    Green & Black (2 seasons and 2 specials)
    Dragon Age: Torchwood (2 seasons and innumerable clips)

Minor Stories:

    Arrow: Shattered Stones
    Doctor Who/Torchwood: “V” (The Nature of the Beast)
    DA:TW AU End of All Things

Misc Small Stuff:

    Arrow: Nemesis conversation
    G&B AU: The Prisoner (yes, there’s more chapters to this)
    Torchwood Clips: dry cleaning
    DW/TW: The Human Factor
    TW(cat): halloween dream
    Dragon Age/Saw crisscrossover (no, Venti, I haven’t forgotten about this…)

I’m sure I’ve forgotten a lot of things…! What are the odds that these will ever get done? Uhh… ::eyes Brain:: I can tell you right now, that G&B Season One will get done. So will DA:TW Episode One. If I don’t continue B&Z, a mob with torches and pitchforks will come after me. Um, at least I hope so. Perhaps that will motivate my Brain a little…!

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