Work This Week T-1

All right! I was a bit worried, but this week’s promised B&Z is written, typed, proofread, spell-checked, AND ready to be formatted and published! Whew!

This week’s promised G&B is… still a mess. But I have two (and a half) days to get it done!

Next week’s debut of Dragon Age: Torchwood is on schedule! My continuity checkers are making me nervous… ::cough:: but, things are set to go!

Except… ::sigh:: I don’t have a movie poster/book cover.

In… semi good news, I used 3D Coat to sculpt a Jack Harkness head that I was happy with. And I was even able to nominally get the Michael3 head to glom onto it. Uh… but I wasn’t able to get that to turn into a workable morph.

However! 3D Coat (or something with a 7 in it) has a new Tweak Room! And what is that? It’s this thing where you bring in your OBJ, make a morph right on the OBJ mesh, and export it exactly perfectly right! Yes, I may now die of happiness!

Now, you can’t use the Voxel sculpting tools on it. Or the Live Clay/Surface tools. This room has it’s own little toolset, which is not as robust, but is very good. Well, it is a heck of a lot better than the Transform/Move/Pose set of tools that are the only ones that will autoupdate your retopology mesh when you try to morph it.

The semi bad news is… I’ll have to start sculpting Jack’s head all over again! ARGH! There’s no way I can merge between the voxel work I’ve done, the retopological glomming-on I’ve done with the mesh, and the Tweak stuff.

Oh well, third time’s the charm, right? I can hope… Plus… I *could* start with the M3 morphs I already have….! Maybe this weekend, something amazing will happen!!! (Or… you know, I can be stuck trying to write G&B all weekend :X )

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