Work This Week

What’s going on!?  All right, someone talked me into getting a LiveJournal thing.  Is it a blog?  Whatever.  I’m putting my Arrow-centric stuff over there.


B&Z got a 1/3 chapter the last Friday they were due.  It was either that, or nothing.  :X  This Friday should be another 1/3 of the chapter.  The last third is partly written?


DA:TW is having the brakes put on.  I think I won’t put out another chapter tomorrow, but will work on the B&Z (it isn’t typed in yet).  I expected to have chapter 5 typed in and done by now, but it’s due next week, and I’m still working on it.  Man, time goes fast.



So this is what will happen…  a week of B&Z on Friday, then a week of DA:TW on Thursday and G&B on Saturday.   Lord help me keep up with this schedule.


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