Work This Year, Maybe?

Right, so um… The three stories I was simultaneously working on all ended up coming due at the same time. Annnnnnd, I sorta had nothing written for ANY of them. So. Brain solved this little conundrum by going on a holiday!

Bannon & Zevran… actually has a half-chapter written. I need to play the game to figure out what they’re doing at Soldier’s Peak with Avernus. I need flipping Avernus for later books in the series, so I can’t just skip him. Bah.

Dragon Age Torchwood… I have stuff for the end of the next chapter, and I know the good stuff that happens in the middle of the chapter… I just don’t have a start for that chapter. :X

Green & Black… Uh… I’m kinda stuck on the plot, and I left Oliver hanging on a cliff. Yes, literally. :X

It’s still the Holidays! Yes it is! It still feels that way, anyhow. So… well… Deal. So sorry :X


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