Work For Now

Okay, troops; I’ve hit a bad patch in the road for Bannon & Zevran. Do not start to panic, just yet. I’m going to put the story on hold for a bit. I hate to say “on hiatus,” because my favorite TV show went “on hiatus” and never, EVER came back! So no hiatusing for me!

If I don’t get back on track by the end of February, I may have to do something drastic. Like maybe skip part of the saga and continue on with what I do have. Because there IS more! Oh, there is a TONNE more. It’s just I don’t have anything for Soldier’s Peak and then the Dalish Quest. Well… I have a few bits and pieces for the Dalish Quest. But not a lot. :/

Meanwhile, Dragon Age: Torchwood will continue apace. That, I know where it is going. The first episode should be wrapping up. The second episode has a lot of scenes (though I’m not sure it has a cohesive whole yet). And there’s plenty of clips I can maybe release after the first episode is done.

Also, Green & Black, season one is wrapping up. Once that is put to bed, I… yeah, I have a couple of Arrow-based things I want to do in the break between seasons, so I should be able to finally get those done. Well, one thing. And no, it’s not “Broken Arrow”! :X

So. On break. Will be back. End of February, or sooner.


2 Responses to “Work For Now”

  1. ShebasDawn Says:

    B&Z on hold??? Nooo! :'( Don’t you abandon them! If you are too stuck then just gloss over those parts. I am already having withdrawal symptoms. :((

    • bloodsong Says:

      there, there, now. it’ll be okay. did you see the post on CMDA?

      anyway, SOMEthing will go on, even if i DO have to skip parts.
      do keep poking. will write for pokes! thanks, dawn :)

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