Pokage Report 1

So ShebasDawn is now my personal trainer and Poker-of-Authors in an effort to get my Brain off its butt and working on the B&Z storyline, where it has slumped into slumpiness. Dawn thinks I will have a chapter out by March 3. :X

Meanwhile, I have to fill out weekly progress reports. So… Pokage Progress Report Number One.

I played the fool Soldier’s Peak quest! FINALLY. It didn’t help.

First off, I see I should have had Bannon play Sophia and Avernus off each other, to try to up their bids. As it stands, it seems the Wardens ticked off Sophia, who sent the undead Warden minions after them. Oops.

Secondly, I had it in my head that Avernus was trying to cure the Taint. EatenByDragons, however, informed me that he’s actually trying to improve the Taint, to get more powers out of it and less dying. Well. The “less dying” part works for my elves.

So I talk to Avernus. He mentions his deal about refining the Taint to give the Warden more powers. I ask him what they are. He says, poke around and read my notes; it’s all there.

I poke around and read the notes; it ain’t there.

Fortunately, it’s all on the Wiki. Dawn prodded me to ask the Cheeky Monkeys of Dragon Age, which I did, and Corker helpfully provided me with some links.

Then I had to deal with this theme of Avernus doing evil experiments, which my companions clearly find distasteful. (Which comes across as kinda non sequiteur if you manage to not find the evil experiment journal before you go talk to Avernus… :X ) How to express this in a written story, without cutscenes or dry evil mage journal reading?

And just where IS Avernus getting his food and supplies from? And HOW? I know he is, cuz there’s a midden heap. :X That, plus I need him to have some fresh bodies to experiment on. I’m thinking he snatches treasure hunters and other explorers who’ve tried to reclaim the fort.


So then I said… what if Avernus stuffs and mounts his experimental results? Yeah… now I have some good ideas for the crew to do before they meet Avernus, so they have an idea of what’s going on. I know they don’t have time to sit down for tea and crumpets and backstory.

But darn it, Wynne keeps piping up. I had planned to leave her out of Avernus’ Tower. Nevertheless, I need a strong moral outrage against helping Avernus. Though I expect Leliana can carry that…. We will see.


So… I have a sketchy outline of how they get into the Tower (which I had before), and an idea for a scene when they get there. That’s further than I’d gotten before!

In Other News:

I’m supposed to be finishing up Dragon Age: Torchwood Episode 1 this month. And working on my Arrow fic “Shattered Stones.” I finished Green & Black Season 1 last week, so I’m happy about that. Although this morning, my Brain started plotting the start of the next G&B story, which it is NOT supposed to be doing…!

I’ve set aside weekends to work on a book that I am writing. No details have been released yet, about that project.

In the art arena… ugh. Don’t ask. And I had to re-do some work on a lily model. I HATE redundancy!

I did throw together a Torchwood music video last weekend, just a quick one for fun and relaxation. I don’t have a link handy. :X I’m sure there’s a link to my YouTube page on the front page around here somewhere. Look in the “13T Music Videos” list. It’s there with my first Arrow video.