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This is the launch area for the writings I have done (and am in the process of doing!), inspired by playing Dragon Age: Origins and Awakenings.  It is a fantastic game; highly immersive.  I recommend it whole-heartedly.  If you haven’t played the game, you may find it a bit difficult to follow the stories, as much of the in-game play is glossed over, summarized, or just left out.  The bits here are what happened between game sessions, in my head.  You know, the good stuff!

General Warning: content contains SPOILERS for the game.


Valorien's Portrait

Valorien is a Dalish elf.   He was my first character in Dragon Age.  Originally, I was going to have him be a goody-goody ranger type who helped everybody.  Yeah, that got thrown out the window about 2 minutes into his origin story.  He was never going to be wussy, though.  I based his persona on Altair of Assassin’s Creed — well, his voice.  The attitude just follows.  (Al-ta-ir, not



Bannon & Zevran

Bannon's Portrait Bannon is a Denerim City Elf.  Originally, he was going to be in the alienage mafia…..  Well, that didn’t work out, either!  He was also going to be a real insensitive jerk — I didn’t know anything about Zevran when I designed Bannon for him, I figured Bannon would need to be a callous, self-centered user of people.  No, that didn’t quite come out the way I imagined, either, but this is better.  Bannon is a rogue and a thief, a lying swindler, underhanded, sneaky… yeah he and Zevran get along like gangbusters.  Much to the consternation of Alistair and Wynne.

Bannon & Zevran’s story covers about seven years, so far. Hopefully, it won’t take nearly as long to actually write it all…

See also the videos page for Bannon & Zevran music videos and shorts.  Short FILMS!  Get Zevran out of your head!)


Bannon & Zevran…. and Valorien

This is an alternate-reality thought experiment — of how things would have worked if Valorien and Bannon had been in the same story.  It is interesting to note how the dynamics of the group change when there are three last Wardens instead of just two.  In some ways it is bad, as Bannon tends to fade into the background while Valorien remains a strong leader.  Incidentally, this makes Valorien more attractive to Zevran.  In some ways it is good, and I wish it could have worked out, because the Dalish elf has a lot to impart to the city elves, and helps them become more rounded — especially Zevran.
This will only be bits and pieces, interesting tidbits and scenes of import from Origins. 



Disclaimer: These are works of fiction written by a fan for fans from the games Dragon Age: Origins & Awakenings.  They are for entertainment purposes, only.  The settings and lore belong to Bioware.  No infringement is intended.

You may not copy my work, publish it in any form, or post it on another web site in whole or part without my permission.

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