Cast of Characters


Cast of Characters

Mainly so I can keep track of names… because I really suck at remembering them!

The Story

The Cutting Room Floor



Main Characters
Bannon Tabris A City Elf from Denerim, Ferelden.
     Bannon is handsome, charming, and
persuasive.  He is adept at fading into the background and staying
out of sight.  Thieving and lying are his areas of
expertise.  Though his first concern is always himself, he has
room to worry about the welfare of others.
Zevran Arainai A City Elf from Antiva City, Antiva.
   Zevran is brash, flamboyant, annoying, and highly
irritating.  He is irreverant and seems to care about nothing,
except perhaps having fun.  He is an assassin by training, a whore
by birth.  He is “flamingly bisexual,” and will chase after almost
Alistair A human from Redcliffe, Ferelden.
   Trained as a Templar, but recruited to the Grey
Wardens.  He is a good and moral person, with a vast sense of
Morrigan A human from the Wilds, Ferelden.
   A witch of the Wilds; she is cold, calculating, and very,
very deadly.  She holds contempt for weakness or dependence of any
Leliana A human from Orlais
   Originally a bard, she has devoted her life as a sister in
the Chantry.  A vision from the Maker led her to seek out and aid
the Grey Wardens.  She is devout and thoughtful, artistic, and
passionate about things that mean a lot to her.
Sten A qunari from Par Vollen.
   He is dour, taciturn, very big, and very strong.  He doesn’t like to talk much.
Wynne A human from Ferelden.
   A Circle mage, fairly devoted and obedient to the
Chantry.  She is an older woman, wise, and with the patience of a
Shale A stone golem.
   Shale is a bloodthirsty individual; contemptuous of
inferior, “squishy” beings, especially those that refer to him as
“it.”  Shale is virtually immortal, easily bored, and has a
particular vendetta against birds, having spent a great many years as a
Oghren A dwarf from Orzammar.
   Born warrior-caste, Oghren has become somewhat of an
outcast.  He is blunt, drunken, and lecherous; not necessarily in
that order.

Duncan Commander of the Grey Wardens at Ostagar.
    He is a wise and noble man, though he can be ruthless in making difficult decisions.
Daveth Grey Warden recruit at Ostagar.
    A self-confessed criminal; scruffy and opportunistic, with a good sense of humor.
Ser Jory Grey Warden recruit at Ostagar.
   A knight from a noble family; he is proud and somewhat arrogant.

Ferelden: Denerim Alienage
Cyrian Tabris Bannon’s father.  He is a carpenter, working mainly in cabinetry and furniture.
Adaia Tabris Bannon’s mother.  She was killed when he was nine years old.
Shianni Nalor Bannon’s
younger (female) cousin.  Normally an irrepressibly cheerful soul,
she lost her confidence after being abducted and raped by Vaughn.
Soris Nalor Bannon’s (male) cousin.  Never one for standing to the fore, or making up his own mind, he usually follows Bannon’s lead.
Bella Nalor Shianni & Soris’ mother, Cyrian’s sister.  She was killed six years prior to the story, during a Purge.
Lucas Nalor Shianni & Soris’ father.  He was killed six years prior to the story, during a Purge.
Nesiara Elven woman from Highever.  She was to be Bannon’s bride.
Valora Elven woman from Highever.  She was to be Soris’ bride.
Valendrian Hahren, the Elder of the Denerim Alienage.
Elva Shrewish woman who turned Bannon and Soris over to the guards.
Neera A young elven woman whose family went to Ostagar to serve the army, due to their apartment being reverted to warehouse space.
Nola A bridesmaid at the Denerim wedding; she was killed when she resisted Vaughn and his lackeys at his “party.”
Ian Servant at the Arl of Denerim’s estate, who let the cousins in to rescue the women.
Zack A younger elf.
Shane A teen elf who runs with street gangs and beggars.
Liam A friend of Bannon’s, who was mauled by Vaughn’s mabari
(i forgot his name :X ) A childhood friend of Bannon’s, who got stuck in the alienage gate.
Ferelden: Denerim Nobles
King Maric Theirin Cailen’s father; one of the heroes who freed Ferelden from Orlesian dominance.
Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir Maric’s friend and companion, Hero of the River
Dane; principal hero who freed Ferelden from Orlesian dominance;
General of the Ferelden armies, and father of Anora.
King Cailen Theirin Son of Maric, optimistic leader of the army at Ostagar.
Queen Anora Daughter of Loghain, wife of Cailen.
Arl Urien Kendell Arl of Denerim; he runs the city. 
Bann Vaughn Kendell Urien’s son and heir.  He treats the alienage as his personal playground, and the elves as his toys.
Lord Jonely Son of a nobleman; one of Vaughn’s lackeys.
Lord Braden Son of a nobleman; one of Vaughn’s lackeys.
Lord Jacen Younger brother of Jonely; participant in Vaughn’s “party.”
Arl Howe Arl of Amaranthine; who then took the Arling of Highever by force, and was granted the Arling of Denerim by Loghain.
Ferelden: Misc Nobles
Arl Sighard Arl of Dragon’s Peak; he is of the ‘old guard’ who fought against Orlais.
Bann Oswyn Sighard Son of Arl Sighard of Dragon’s Peak; he speaks out against Loghain’s seizure of the throne, later ends up in Howe’s dungeon.
Bann Reginalda Bann of White River (in Dragon’s Peak arling); friend of Arl Sighard.
Bann Alfstana Bann of Waking Sea (Highever arling).
Arl Leonas Bryland Arl of South Reach; Loghain supporter.
Hubren Bryland daughter of Arl Bryland, not yet of her majority.
Arl Gallagher Wulff Arl of West Hills.  Arling is overrun by Darkspawn, he lost all his sons in the fighting.  One of the ‘old guard.’
Bann Ceorlic Of the Bannonrn; supporter of Loghain.

Ferelden: Denerim Commoners
Reverend Mother Carson Priestess of the East City Chantry.
Wade, the Armorsmith Talented and artistic armorsmith; partner of Herren.  Owns Wade’s Emporium.
Herren, the Armorsmith Wade’s practical partner who handles the business side of things.
Goldana, the Laundress Alistair’s estranged half-sister.
Ferelden: Redcliffe
Arl Eamon Guerrin Arl of Redcliffe.  He helped raise Alistair after Alistair’s mother died.  He is also brother to King Cailen’s mother.
Arlessa Lady Isolde Eamon’s second wife, originally from Orlais.  She was jealous of Alistair, believing him to be Eamon’s bastard.
Connor Guerrin Son Eamon and Isolde; a young mage who was tempted and possessed by a demon.
Bann Teagan Eamon’s younger brother, in charge of the knights of Redcliffe.

Ferelden: The Mage Circle Tower
Knight-Commander Greagior Leader of the Templars in the Tower.
First Enchanter Irving Leader of the mages in the Tower.
Cullen A Templar who guards novices; he was trapped by the demons when they took over.
Carroll A Templar who stands guard duty at the docks.
Uldred A power-hungry Bloodmage and abomination; he staged a coup of the Tower and attempted to turn all mages into abominations.
Antiva: Crows
Master Farkus Leader of the Jados Haizea cell; owner of Zevran.
Master Vetch Master of Novices of Jados Haizea cell.
Taliesen Human assassin; former partner of Zevran.
Rinna Elven assassin; Zevran’s former love and partner.
Barlowe Human assassin.
Havard Human assassin.
Cerrric Elven assassin.
Bran Elven assassin.



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