The Cutting Room Floor



The Cutting Room Floor

     These are clips, excerpts, noodlings, crossovers, and might-have-beens that are not part of the official Bannon & Zevran canon story.  They are, however, hilarious, poignant, or entertaining enough to share anyway.  Enjoy a little light reading with your favorite elven rogues.  (Well, my favorite, at least :X )

     Note on the “eras”: 
Wolf in the Fold:  before the Wardens trust the assassin they’ve allowed into their midst.
Partners in Crime:  Bannon & Zevran are friends.
Friends & Lovers:  Bannon & Zevran are lovers.

The Story

Cast of Characters


The Big Ruckus      This is an alternate universe version of the story, played with a couple of my buddies.  In it, a qunari mage and her handler are recruited by Duncan, but they are set off by the appearance of a non-qun qunari (kossith).  They spark off a huge camp-wide fight.

Era: Ostagar

Horses      This is an alternate universe possibility, in which there are actually horses in the world.  (ie: The tabletop game :X )

Era: Wolf in the Fold

Interlude at a Tavern      This is an extremely short clip, not even a whole scene.  But I thought it was hilarious and I don’t know if I’ll be able to work it into the story.

Era: Partners in Crime



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